Mime Wave Festival 2019

With the Mime Wave Festival we want to create a platform to promote cultural development and international collaborations in performing arts. We do this by selecting and organizing performances, workshops and lectures with a professional and international quality and creating networking environments.

Our focus is supporting the position of independant performing arts in Ukraine.

educational program
Provided by IZOLYATSIA

This program will consist of an intens course of 8 days during the festival. It will also contain lectures that are open for the public. More information on this course and how to attend will follow in April.
Attendants will get the assignment to create a project and pitch their idea. We will choose two attendants to travel to Amsterdam in August 2019 for further guidance, networking, evaluation and help to find collaborations and finances.

international performance program
There is a diverse program of performances with artists who are Dutch, Swedish, Uruguayan, Spanish, German and Ukrainian. Go to performances for more information.