LEAP OF FAITH - for I survived

We meet on the news, on the bus, in school. And the lone refugee children have a story to tell: about a childhood cut short, about war and running to escape. About their leap of faith into the unknown. Now their stories are part of our shared history.

We at the Pantomimteatern have listened to some of these stories. Stories about the joy of receiving a new pair of sneakers, about the longing for a family left behind, stories about friends, and about bottomless fear and loneliness. But also about a miraculous hope that refuses to die.

The Pantomime Theatre retells these refugee children’s stories in a wordless, highly visual and action-packed performance. Three artists/actors, each with their individual performance style including mime and acrobatics, take us on an unforgettable journey accompanied by lots of music and framed by an ingenious stage set.

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language: English