Karina Holla

She is a theatremaker from Amsterdam.
She made more then forty theatre-productions in the last thirty years:
- visual and physical theatre:
A lot of her theatre-pieces are performed with success in International Theatre Festivals in Zagreb, Moldavia, Stockholm, Brazil.
- She directed in Rijeka the Kafka project:
Frontiere/Granice/Meje/Grenzen/Borders. The play got the prize for the best Kroatian theatre-play of 2013.
- She teaches at different Theatreschools.

For her last performance Romp, she got the Theo D'Or. The prize for the best actrice of Holland.
Most impressing leading role. Bound to bed, she plays a dying woman. They say: she makes her performance touching, so vital that you get jealous and filled with lust for life.

About the workshop

Act a bit more mad then you are.
Movement is for me to discover the history we all wear inside our bodies.
The body as a treasure-box, full of memories and stories.
Methamorphosis, the ability to change, the possibility to transform into someone else,makes it possible to have emphaty for other living creatures, that is our only hope.

Easy clothes.
Physical training on music.
Improvisations on themes.
Trespassing borders.
How to stop thinking.
Use your imagination.
Working in duo's.
Working in groups.
Attributes which fascinates you.
Emotion and movement.
Movement on music.
Looking at each other's play.
To put literary tekst into movement:
The vulture by Franz Kafka.
Music of the West Side Story, fighting scenes
Heiner Muller Ophelia teksts.
Slap-stick based on Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.
The undergoing of the Titanic.


June 17th
10:00 - 16:00

June 18th
10:00 - 16:00

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