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Dear family, friends and collegues,

We all worry about the safety and future of our family, friends and collegues in Ukraine. It is a heavy and emotional time.
The people in Ukraine and the refugees outside Ukraine still need financial help.
For example to buy medicine, food or shelter.
Many people don't have the opportunity to receive the help that they need. For this reason many Ukrainians created their own networks to help each other, which is essential.
I ask you for direct and personal support to help the people in my own network, which contains already several hundreds of Ukrainians.
You can donate to my personal account. I have set-up a saving account where I collect the donations and give them to specific help. If you want, you can also send my your e-mail adres so I can keep you up to date with how we are spending the money.
I don't ask for a minimum amount, but I did thought of something to give back.
- I have designed T-shirts. Blue with a yellow dove.
With a donation of €50 and higher you will get a T-shirt. E-mail me your address so I can send it to you. Or you can pick it up at our home in Amsterdam.

bank account:
Mw A Liubchenko

or by Paypal


Heel erg bedankt.