Metamorphosis is a multidisciplinary theater performance by the Dutch-Ukrainian theater collective Mime Wave, inspired by personal experiences from the Ukrainian artists with the conflicts and corruption in their country. Metamorphosis is the sequel to Influence, a 2015 play about the impact of political events in your home country on your daily live and emotional state.
The performance includes an aftertalk afterwards.

director, artistic leader, visual artist       Anastasiia Liubchenko (UA/NL)
live musicians, composers Mariothijs
Thijs Felperlaan, Mario van der Velden (NL)
actors Natalka Skryabina (UA)
Matilda Marina (UA)
Dima Grynov (UA)
Danylo Danyliuk (UA)
Olha Kebas (UA)
light designer Yevhen Kopiov (UA)
animator Nataliya Skryabina (UA)
production leader Ukrainian tour Oksana Potapova (UA)
costume designer Pipa Piwosz (PL)